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Detection of stress & burnout risk

“As a full-time working mother with variable working hours and a household to manage my stress level was always extremely high until a friend of mine recommended to make a ChronoCord® measurement, which confirmed that to me. With the help of Joysys and advice from the books of Prof. Moser I managed to reduce my stress level. This has confirmed to me not only the further measurements, but also my general well-being. “

Nina Riemer (37) Biomedical analyst in full-time employment, mother of 3 children (7 years, twins 6 years)

“As a businessman you are exposed to constant deadlines and other stress-promoting factors. With age, I felt this stress in my private life. It was hard for me to fall asleep as well as sleeping through the night and I was usually extremely depressed in the morning. After a measurement with the ChronoCord®8, the evaluation showed that my sleep quality as well as my sleep recovery were strongly negatively affected by the stress. Today, I constantly monitor the effectiveness of my actions against these stress factors by conducting periodic measurements with the ChronoCord®8. It’s never too early to start prevention. “

Erich Kloss (68), business owner and managing director of Kloss Wohnherde GmbH

Sports and training control aswell as training monitoring

Due to my studies at the university in Graz and the football training in Carinthia I have a pretty high stress level in my everyday life. I noticed that my performance, whether in my everyday life or in sports, is steadily decreasing over the course of the week. In the games that take place on the weekend, I could no longer deliver the best performance. Based on my HRV measurement results with the ChronoCord® I have changed some little things in my everyday life, but these were crucial to be able to hide the daily stress and to be able to carry out the training sessions again in the desired intensity.”

Alexander Krainer (27), amateur footballer

“Thanks to measurements with the ChronoCord®8 I was able to analyze the recovery and regeneration phases and to adjust and adapt my training accordingly. The ChronoCord®8 has become part of my competition preparation. “


Martin Benedikt (31), 2010 WBPF Europeans Championship 3rd place, 2011 WBPF Europeans 2nd place, 2011 WFF Mr. Universe 2nd place, 2016 WFF World Championship 3rd place

After 34 years in bodybuilding and powerlifting I thought I knew my body. The measurement with the ChronoCord®8 showed me what I did not know yet and I was able to prepare for the World Cup with the help of these new insights. Meanwhile, I am using the measurement with the ChronoCord®8 also private and make measurements off the training.”


Walter Stückler (53), 14 national titles, European champion 1994, World Cup 2005 3rd place, World Cup 2016 5th place

Workplace Health Promotion & Occupational Health Management

Unfortunately, stress and fatigue have become part of our daily lives. An elementary area of ​​my work relates not only to private life but also to workplace health promotion. Including the chronobiological rhythm and sleep research I support and accompany individuals and companies on the way to more health and performance:

– Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

– Conflict Management & Mediation

– Relaxing sleep coaching

– HRV measurements

– Lectures, seminars & workshops, individual coaching “

Dr. Elke Doppler-Wagner, sleep coach, certified trainer for stress management and burnout prevention, registered mediator, HRF measurements, single-coaching | workshops | lectures


Physical & psychological therapy and rehabilitation control

“In my role in various facilities, HRV measurement with the ChronoCord has proven to be very useful. Among other things, the data obtained allows an assessment of the effects of the increased state of arousal (hyperarousal) on our clients. The measurements show periods of emotional over-excitement in traumatized people very clearly. These and other data obtained by the HRV measurement with the ChronoCord® are also included in the method selection of the daily pedagogical and therapeutical work, whereby I consider the evaluation option particularly valuable. “

Rene Jöbstl (45), Specialist ÖTPZ, Pedagogical Director Lebensweg Hohenburg, Dipl. Trauma Centered Consultant, DSB, Dipl. Systemic adventure educator


Psychological risk evaluation

The ChronoCord® records are an important component in the field of burnout clarification. For the patient he colored graphics provide a visible confirmation and explanation of his complaints. As a coach, I already get an easy access to the conversation. The provided data and the assessment done by the system allow me to interpret the data meaningfully and put all of that together to a clear picture. The understanding which comes with it, increase the willingness of the clients to reflect and adapt their lifestyle.

Gabriela Grieder, Specialist in Stress & Energy Management and also Burnout Prevention, Health/Fitness Specialist ACSM, Sports Therapist, Specialist in Health Promotion in a Medical Prevention Practice, Specialist in Heart Rate Variability and Consultant in Burnout Clinik


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