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This statement relates to data which are noted, because the customer calls or uses the website of the company Joysys GmbH. In the following you are informed about, what the data is therefore and what happens to them.

This statement does not apply to the collection of data and use of  linked pages which are on the website of the company Joysys GmbH.

I. Acess data without personal reference – Logging

The server of the company Joysys GmbH is operated by the company Joysys GmbH, Franz-Pichler-Strasse 30, 8160 Weiz, Austria. When you call the company’s website following access data will be saved:
1. the page, from which the file was requested
2. the name of the file
3. the date and time of the request
4. the amount of data transferred
5. the access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
6. the description of the type of web browser used or the operating system used
7. the IP address of the requesting computer

This data will be used exclusively for technical or statistical purposes; a comparison with other datasets or disclosure to third parties, even in part, does not take place. After evaluation of the annual hits the recorded data are deleted. The evaluation is performed monthly and annually, the deletion takes place in January of the following year. Evaluation and deletion done by employees of the company Joysys GmbH on behalf of the company Joysys GmbH.

II. Personal data-Collection and Use

Personal information rises the company Joysys GmbH only if their notification from the customer is voluntarily. Such notification are made especially in the context of an order. To place an order, the customer must enter the following personal data in a contact form:

1. name
2. address
3. e-mail address
4. telephone number
5. fax number
6. account details

The company Joysys GmbH stores this datain its database and uses it exclusively for individual communication with the customer or for winding up of the contract. This includes the preparation, the winding-up, the warranty and the rescission. The data are only stored until the contract is fully winded up. As far as trade and tax retention periods exist, the duration of storage can be up to10 years.

III. Data Transmission

The dissemination of customer information is carried out only in so far as this is necessary for windig up of the contract.

A transfer of data takes place especially in the following cases:
1)address data to shipping companies for the purpose of delivery
2)payment data from banks or payment intermediaries to process payments.
3)above-mentioned data collection companies in assignment of the claim
In addition, the company Joysys GmbH transfers customer information to third parties only if this is necessary to prevent threats to public safety and order, especially if it is obliged to submit to law enforcement or regulatory authorities.

IV.Right of Access

The customer has the right to free written information about the extent and the use of his personal data stored. In addition, he has the right to correct, block or delete the data. Referring to this he has to contact:

Joysys GmbH
Franz-Pichler-Straße 30
8160 Weiz
Tel.: 0043 3172 441110

V.Usage of Cookies

Cookies are used in the information offered by the company Joysys GmbH. A cookie is a small information file that is sent to your computer, mobile or other device when you visit a website and it will recognise your device on future visits. These types of files do a number of different jobs such as remembering your preferences and chosen items, assisting you to improve your site experience as well as trying to ensure that the adverts or offers you see online are more relevant to you. These “cookies” can be divided into 4 types each of which is outlined below.The company Joysys GmbH uses 2 types of Cookies. Temporary cookies are automatically deleted when you closethe browserof the client (session cookies). Permanent cookies are essential in order to enable the site to provide services you have asked for such as remembering your shopping bag items. With these cookies, it ispossible for us to understand the customer’s usage patterns in termes of the above mentioned purposes. They should also allow our customers an optimized browsing on our website. These data are collected in an anonymous or pseudonymous form. The customer can configure their internet browser so that our cookies can not be stored on his device or already stored cookies can be deleted.


I. General

The Joysys App allows to make measurements with the ChronoCord® device. Afterwards, the obtained measurement data can be analysed/evaluated on the server.

Our goal is to make our application available, taking into consideration all stringent data privacy regulations, which are described in greater detail here.

When we say “our,” “we,” or “us,” we’re talking about the Joysys GmbH.

II. Anonymization

The measurements are anonymized using a transaction authentication number (TAN). Each individual measurement, and therefore the measured person, is only linked to the TAN with an anonymous patient ID. This ID is assigned by the supervising healthcare provider.

III. Operating Principle

An active internet connection is needed for transferring the recorded measurement data and the activity protocols to the evaluation server. The permission to use the Internet for this purpose is labelled “Data services”, “Internet” or “Access to all networks”, depending on your operating system.

All communication between the server and the Joysys App is encrypted via SSL. Only encrypted data is stored on the mobile device. The measurement data itself is only stored on the mobile device during the transfer to the server. After successful completion the data is erased.

The recorded measurement data and the obtained evaluations are stored on the server to allow future access. No data will be shared with a third party.

From a detailed perspective and depending on the operating system used, the Joysys App needs to be granted the following permissions:

– Photo, media and data libraries: These permissions are required for technical reasons in order to save the encrypted generated data. No private data is read, and no data which would be visible to other apps is created.

– Camera: This permission is needed for easier Bluetooth pairing with the ChronoCord® device. For this purpose, it is possible to scan the QR-Code, which is printed on the ChronoCord® device, with the camera of the used mobile device. No photos or videos will be saved. Alternatively, the serial number can be entered manually.

– Information regarding the Bluetooth connection: This permission is required for enabling Bluetooth communication with the ChronoCord® device.

– Other: This permission is needed for using the communication interfaces (network, Bluetooth). On the one hand for communication with the server, which provides the analysis/evaluation; on the other hand, for Bluetooth-pairing of the mobile device with the ChronoCord® device. Moreover, this permission allows for the use of the vibration alarm.

IV. Right of Information and Deletion

The customer has the right to free written information about the extent and the use of his personal data stored. In addition, he has the right to correct, block or delete the data. Please contact us via provided contact details:

Joysys GmbH
Franz-Pichler-Straße 30
8160 Weiz
Tel.: 0043 3172 441110

V. Updates to this Data Privacy Statement

We may amend or update our Data Privacy Statement. Naturally, you will be informed about amendments to this Data Privacy Statement, as appropriate. If this document is updated, the “Last Modified” date in this Data Privacy Statement document will be updated as well. Your continued use of our services confirms your agreement to our Data Privacy Statement, as amended. However, if you do not agree to our Data Privacy Statement, you must stop using our services. Please review our Data Privacy Statement from time to time.


Version: January 2018