About us



Joysys was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of the Human Research Institute (HRI) and brings the insights of HRI from years of research and development into a commercial application and service area.

With the ChronoCord®8, Joysys has developed a mobile measuring device that sets the standard worldwide in the field of HRV measuring devices.

Combined with years of scientific research in the field of HRV, as well as in chronobiology and chrono medicine (Univ.Prof.Dr. Maximilian Moser), this measuring device, together with a comprehensive database on an evaluation server, provides a package like no other.

Highest quality for highest demandsWe live customer orientation every day

The quality management system of JOYSYS is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, which confirms that international standards in quality management are implemented.

ISO 9001:2015 ensures that the company meets customer requirements as well as the legal requirements for its products and services and works continuously on managing of opportunities and risks.  The focus is on management processes as well as support processes and core processes such as sales and development, but also the continuous sustainable improvement of customer satisfaction is an elementary component of the current version.

Joysys has defined values for itself, such as progress in terms of technology, products and services as well as traditional values such as reliability, fairness and responsibility.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are our partners. They decide on the success and continued existence of our company. We want to recognize the wishes and future tasks of our customers at an early stage and solve them reliably.


Our ideas and knowledge create new products and secure our future. We see changes in the market as an opportunity for more growth to put our profits and capabilities at the service of developing and delivering innovative products, services and solutions that meet the emerging demands of the market.


We want to continuously adapt and improve our quality management to new circumstances. The company and process objectives are derived from the quality policy in order to promote the management, to assume responsibility for the joint achievement of our quality objectives and to identify with our basic values.

Continuous improvement

We see it as a task and a challenge to question the existing and to develop forward-looking solutions for our tasks through continuous improvement. Our goal is to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of the products we offer.

Zero-defect philosophy

For us, problems and recognized errors are opportunities for innovation and improvement. Every employee has the duty and the right to contribute to the detection and elimination of errors and to produce flawless quality.

Employee satisfaction

The qualification, information and motivation of all employees is a fundamental requirement for the success of our company. Therefore it is important to inform our employees and to support them with the needed knowledge and skills through training. The responsibility for the implementation of this policy lies with each employee in his area of responsibility. The quality policy is publicly accessible for everyone and is communicated by the persons and organisations instructed by the company.