Autonomic Diagnosis – ChronoCord®8

ChronoCord®8 is an optimized measuring device for heart rhythm flexibility and specially designed for high-precision recording of heart beat intervals (RR intervals).

This measuring method is suitable for the mobile recording of the circulation´s functional autonomous regulation and allows 24-hour monitoring of the cardiac rhythm.

In over 25 years of project experience matured the realization that the measuring device is ideally suited to determine a person´s current state of health.

Heart Rhythm Flexibility - more than Heart Rate Variability

Heart rhythm flexibility is made up of the factors heart rate variability, coordination and chronobiology and has much more meaning than the usual heart rate variability.


Scalable Analysis Options

The individual measuring parameters are compared realted to age and gender with comparative data of more than 1.000 healthy test subjects.




Visualize health - enable behavioral changes

Ultra High Definition HRF

The combination of optimal filtering, a high sampling rate and high resolution results in the Ultra High Definition Heart Rhythm Flexibility (Ultra HD HRF) standard. Currently, ChronoCord®8 is the only device to achieve this high level of measurement accuracy.

  • Sampling rate in comparison to other meaursing devices

Various Application Areas

Thanks to its ergonomic wearing comfort, ChronoCord®8 can be easily attached to the chest strap without affecting users of ChronoCord®8 in their daily acitivies.






ChronoCord®8 Specifications

Highly optimised analogue ECG pre-amplification with crystal clear high-resolution ECG

Signal monitoring and configuration via Bluetooth and app (Android, iOS) or Windows PC

ECG and HRF sampling with 8.000 samples per second (Hz).

16 bit A/D converter for highly accurate ECG measurement

Up to 2 days measuring duration with one AA alkali battery

Well-engineered software algorithms for optimal signal detection and high-precision R-peak detection

Integrated motion sensor for actigraphy

We generate a picture of human health


Apply the chest strap
Start measurement
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Everything you need

Measurement with App Monitoring

Free JOYSYS App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Smartphone or Tablet

Secure access to our evaluation server


Measurement without App Monitoring

Windows PC

Secure access to our evaluation server