Application Areas

The potentials of HRV measurement are not only diagnostic, but also prognostic. Thus this measuring method makes it possible to identify both health and risk potentials. Our solutions are currently used in the following areas:

Detection of stress & burnout risk

From stress to burnout and on to depression. The comparison of your measured data with our comparison data of more than 1000 healthy test persons helps to find back to a safe and relaxed life by being able to respond to deviations early on.

Sports and training control as well as training monitoring

By measuring the HRV, the training plan of performance, strength or health athletes by the exact determination of recovery periods (including the degree of recovery in these phases) can be ideally matched and thereby the training result can be increased.

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Workplace Health Promotion & Occupational Health Management

Health in your company - an investment in the future

Sick employees represent a huge cost factor for a company. Employees, who are less exposed to psychological stress and work intensification are more motivated, more resilient and therefore less ill – economic benefits for companies, positive impact on the health of employees – a win-win Situation for employers and employees.

Mobile sleep measurement

A good sleep quality ensures long-term high health potential. We allow a 24-hour measurement of the heart rhythm and calculate the quality of sleep as the central factor of recovery ability. This parameter is shown in the age comparison and helps to analyze sleep behavior directly.

Physical & psychological therapy and rehabilitation control

Joysys adds a further dimension to the parameters of cardiac rhythm flexibility with the results of psychometric * questionnaires. This results for example, in the possibility of therapy support for obesity and diabetes. A healthy mind and a healthy body form the rhythmic foundation that we use for health.
(*) Psychometry is the field of psychology that deals generally with theory and method of psychological measurement.

Scientific studies

Due to the highest data quality and measurement accuracy, the ChronoCord®8 is suitable for a variety of scientific studies combining science and medical practice. In collaboration with our scientific partner HRI (Human Research Institute), we therefore also offer support in conducting studies or conducting the entire study.

Psychological risk evaluation

The ChronoCord® is also used in the field of psychology. The clear presentation of the vegetative parameters reliably documents psychophysiological correlations and serves the psychological risk evaluation, for example in traumatized patients for the detection of elevated states of excitement (hyperarousal) and their effects but also for the investigation of the causes of these conditions. As well the ChronoCord® is used for the determination of burnout and depression, the presentation is an important aid for therapist and patient.

Live interventions & biofeedback

As shown in the menu item ChronoCord®, you can follow its current readings live via the Joysys app. Special exercises (such as breathing exercises or speech exercises) can directly influence some values. The sum of the recorded data is sent securely to the evaluation server and a status report is obtained from a comparison with the measurement results of over one thousand healthy participants.

Measurement partners in medical practices and pharmacies

Short- and long-term measurement of HRV, comparison with comparative parameters via our health database and visualization of health parameters in trend channels. Get your measurement from a partner in your area!

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