Training & Seminars

Our courses cover the foundational science and practical application of HRV and HRF in a way that is comprehensive, yet accessible. You will learn the basics of the characteristics, learn to generate evaluations on the evaluationserver Chronobase, get tips for a structured procedure in the interpretation of the evaluations and learn to identify the patterns that matter and to measure health objectively.

Structure / Procedure of the courses

Courses with presence

Our courses are combined on a single weekend and include the following modules:

Modul 1:      Chrono-Basic
Modul 2:     Chrono-Expert


Attention! The course language is German.

Current dates and information on registration can be found in the Download Course Information.

Final Exam

If you have completed the 2 presence modules, you are eligible to take an exam. After a successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate that identifies you as a Chrono-Trainer, Chrono-Doctor or Chrono-Psychologist. Joysys GmbH wants to ensure that the content is passed on to patients like it has been trained.

For the final examination you provide the evaluation of 3 sample evaluations in written form followed by an examination interview in which further details of the interpretation are discussed.


For ChronoCord® users, it is possible to come to the workshop with topics and concerns from the field in order to find a common solution. If there are no difficulties, you can still come to the workshop to improve the skills in the interpretation of the evaluations. If not enough examples are submitted, the Joysys GmbH will provide some.

Your benefits at a glance

Course Materials

Folder with basic knowledge about HRF, HRV and chronobiology, sample reports, examples of resource-oriented consulting

Interactive App

Manage measurement appointments, send measurement data to the evaluation server and receive feedback from our comparison database immediately on your mobile device

Evaluation Server

Clear user-friendly management of measurement dates and circadian representation of all parameters (ChronoCardioGramm®) within seconds

Up to Date Research

Hear about the latest research findings from our experienced instructors


Get a certificate that identifies you as a chrono-trainer, chrono-physician, chrono-psychologist, chrono-coach, chrono-studio, chrono-club, chrono-hotel, chrono-health-institution or chrono-pharmacy.

Practical Tips

Get case-based application examples from the field and get to know different forms of intervention


"An investment in knowledge still brings the best interest rate!"Benjamin Franklin